MOTA DOI Smart Ring (Pearl White)


Pairing with your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, the MOTA DOI Smart Ring displays notifications of text messages, incoming calls, Facebook and Twitter alerts, and more.

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MOTA DOI SmartRing (Pearl White) Reviews & Description Below

The MOTA DOI Smart Ring connects to your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth and updates you on the events you want: messages, incoming calls, social media alerts and more. Pairing with your phone is quick and easy, and using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy mode, it will not drain your phone or your ring. Charging the ring is also simple: just place it on top of the included wireless charging station. The free companion app is available for Android and iOS and will give you full control over the notifications you want to be displayed on the ring. The subtle vibrating feature will discreetly remind you of your important tasks.

The ring is shock-resistant and waterproof and comes in two colors: midnight black and pearl white.