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Retro flashback: the Casio Illuminator watch

April 12, 2016 / no comments, on Retro

Progress is inevitable. Smart watches and wearable tech – in their current forms – were only a dream 10 years ago. Even a few years back from now, it was considered as a luxurious accessory for the rich. Later, it became a toy for geeks. Now, it is part of our everyday life and is about to take over some functions from our over-sized phones.

A jump back in time, some 20 something years and I remember being a young kid when I first saw a digital watch. One of my friends had it and we all gathered around him and excitedly tried all the features.

It was a Casio watch, as I think they were the only company that produced such watches. Suddenly everybody wanted to have one. It was trendy and cool.

I never had a watch like that. I’m almost 40 and recently my wife surprised me with one of these retro watches from Casio:

Casio retro watch A168 01

So I thought I will write a neat article about why I like this watch and collect a few reasons why you should also have a watch like that.

Form and design

It has simple, clean design. Perhaps not everyone will like the typographic nightmare on the watch face, but it’s a retro watch and should reflect the design trends of the 80s.  Personally, I like the rectangular shape and the thick, black bezel around the screen. This watch looks cool. Wear it with your jeans and t-shirt or your suit.


There are no useless features. It’s watch, and it does a marvelous job at this: shows time. The calendar shows the date and day. You can set an alarm and you will be rewarded with an annoying beeping. Notifications on every hour. Timer for running or cooking. Electroluminescent light to read time in the dark. (It looks beautiful with the blue backlight.). Water resistant.

Casio retro watch A168 02


Battery life

Phones need to be charged every day. Most smart watches need a charging every 2-3 days. Laptops, tablets, cameras and even our toothbrush need charging. But not the Casio watch. It runs 7 years on a single battery. Just put it on in the morning and it will work.


You can not beat the price. This watch will set you back about 20 USD / EUR, so it will probably not break your budget. If you lose it or crash it, you can buy a new one. You can not tell the same about a high-end, expensive watch.


Casio retro watch A168 02

Casio retro watch A168 03

Casio retro watch A168 04