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5 Awesome Android Wear Apps

October 14, 2014 / no comments, on Wearable Blog

There is an ever-growing list of great apps developed for Android Wear devices to help you organise your life, improve your fitness, and expand your smartwear experience. Below we list 5 of the best currently available:

5 Awesome Android Wear Apps You Can Download Today:

1. Runtastic for Android Wear

Download Runtastic for Android Wear here

Runtastic iconRuntastic is the best Android Wear fitness tracking app available, providing lots of features (including pause control and statistics) which are accessed right from your smartwatch face.

Track your activity distance, duration, calories burned, elevation change & more to help you build a healthy lifestyle and reach your goals.

Whether you’re looking to build your cardio endurance, improve your health or train for a marathon, Runtastic is the ideal Android Wear app for fitness, health and motivation.

2. Tockle for Android Wear

Download Tockle for Android Wear here

Tockle iconTockle enables control of your smartphone straight from your wrist. Send an SMS message, toggle WiFi and other system settings, and activate Tasker tasks with a simple tap.

Create tasks with Tockle and launch them using your smartwatch with the tap of the screen or using a simple voice command.

Features include: Import Tasker tasks with ease, profiles for contextual ActionSets based on battery level, time, Wifi and more, run any ActionSet from your smartwear device by saying “Okay Google, start action set”, view internet & Google Analytics, send text messages when SMS Action is used, run application on boot (function disabled by default), allow for quick contact selection for email and SMS messages, modify WiFi, Bluetooth, and other settings when the respective Action is run

3. IFTTT for Android Wear

Download IFTTT for Android Wear here

IFTTT iconIf This Then That (IFTTT) may possibly be the most powerful Android Wear app available today, with IFTTT you can completely customize your smartwatch experience.

IFTTT for Android Wear allows you to set up different recipes which can be triggered quickly. Mute your phone’s ringtone remotely, setup calling and message shortcuts, displaying a picture on your smartwatch after you take it with your smartphone, activate the “find my phone” function and much more.

4. Evernote for Android Wear

Download Evernote for Android Wear here

Evernote iconMake your notes accessible at a glance using your smartwatch device with Evernote for Android Wear. Create notes with simple voice commands and add lists quickly with your wrist.

With Evernote you can check off shopping lists by taping your watch, see notes you created nearby, add notes you’ve looked at recently, search notes by contents using your voice, see relevant notes relating to your calendar events, add new to-dos on the move by speaking to your smartwatch and more.

5. Lyft for Android Wear

Download Lyft for Android Wear here

Lyft iconLyft is your friend with a car.

With Lyft app for Android Wear you can call a car to one of your saved locations with out the need to use your phone.

Share your ride with people on shared routes and receive up-to a 60% lower Lyft ride fair

Using your Android Wear smart device you can use a voice command (“call me a car”) to book a Lyft driver to your location within moments.

There are many more great Android Wear apps available through the Google Play Store

Please comment below and let us know what your favourite Android Wear apps are.

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