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BLOCKS is a new modular smartwatch with customizable features

September 9, 2015 / no comments, on Wearable Blog

BLOCKS is a new project, their aim is to build a modular smartwatch, where one can build the watch they need, only with the features they want to use. The watch looks pretty good, with a round body and display. The hardware is based on an open platform, which means, that developers will be able to create their own ‘blocks’, that are compatible with the watch. This basically gives endless possibilities and options. The current features include a heart rate sensor, GPS, an altimeter, a SIM card module and an extra battery. For the sport savvy users, they will offer special modules: heart rate sensor, an ECG module, a kinetic charger(!), a blood O2 level sensor and a body temperature sensor. Future modules include a fingerprint sensor, haptic feedback module and perspiration sensor. No word about availability and pricing yet, but you can check out the project’s homepage and sign up for their newsletter.

Meanwhile, you can watch a short introduction video about the watch:


BLOCKS smartwatch core BLOCKS smartwatch with modules