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LG may be planning a webOS SmartWatch

October 2, 2014 / no comments, on Wearable Blog

LG has been quick to act on wearable technology and already has two Android Wear smartwatches: the G Watch and the G Watch R (which will be available later this month) but they may look for an alternative platform to Android Wear with future wearable tech.

A page from LG (briefly live and since removed) said more information was “coming soon” though there’s no indication as when this will be.

“Be the first one to share, develop, and realize imagination of the future with webOS SmartWatch. Be part of the innovation.” – LG

With Google imposing restrictions on Android Wear manufacturers, it is not surprising that LG would look at using their own smartwatch platform. The web based and LG owned webOS is a choice for LG with the success they’ve had with webOS TV platform.

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Original LG landing page for webOS SmartWatch: (page is no longer available)

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